Current theme song: “None Shall Live” by Two Steps From Hell (BWAHAHA)

Current stage in process: Editing IMS Book #3, prepping IMS Book #4

Wow, the last couple of months have been crazy busy! A lot of work went into launching THE CURSE OF MOOSE LAKE, book #2 is getting ready for its own publication, the first draft and revisions of book #3 have been completed, and the research/outlining stage of book #4 has begun! Phew! I’ve taken a minor break to reorient myself and will be continuing work on book #3 soon so it can be handed off to my editor/beta reader.

As for NaNoWriMo…well, let’s just say I realized my limitations and decided to focus on getting book #3 completely done before trying to dive directly into book #4 without a safety vest (a/k/a outline, research, etc.). I still wrote a little (the prologue and about a page of the first chapter) and it’s hard to not write during November but, alas, this is the way it must be.

I’ve got another event coming up on November 25-26 at the Historical Society in Moose Lake, Minnesota! If you’re in the area, stop by to get a signed copy of TCOML! If you don’t get the chance to make it, there will be another opportunity to get a signed hardcover in the next Goodreads giveaway scheduled to run November 24-December 14.

Also! The title of book #2 and blurb will be announced this week so stay tuned!


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