International Monster Slayers Book #3

It’s here! I’m happy to reveal the title for book #3 of the International Monster Slayers series, The Ghosts of Yesteryear!



A month has passed since Phoenix made her bargain with Dasc—a life debt in exchange for the return of Jefferson’s lost daughter. After a harrowing hunt across Scotland, the fourteen-year search comes to an end, but Genna Barnes isn’t what anyone expects.


When Genna’s loyalties are brought into question, Phoenix is given orders to shadow Jefferson’s daughter while keeping those closest to her in the dark. Forced to toe a precarious line, Phoenix tries to balance doing her job and safeguarding Jefferson’s happiness. But Genna isn’t her only concern. Magical sanctuaries are under attack around the globe, the agent trials loom in the future, and she has more than a few secrets to protect.


As if that weren’t enough, startling revelations bring everything she knows into question. When no one is who they seem, deciding who to trust becomes a dangerous game—and one wrong step could shatter everything.


I can’t wait to share this one with all of you! Keep an eye out for the cover reveal in the near future!


International Monster Slayers Book #2

For those who missed the announcement on my social media pages, I’m excited to reveal the title of book #2 in the International Monster Slayers series: THE BITE OF WINTER.



Three months have passed since Phoenix liberated Moose Lake from Dasc’s clutches and put an end to his plans. The resident werewolves have recovered from their ordeal, but Phoenix has become plagued by nightmares and wrestles with the most crucial part of being an IMS agent—killing monsters. But her job is far from over.


When Phoenix discovers Ashley has been arrested by IMS agents in Duluth, she rushes to aid her friend who claims she was attacked by a vampire. Determined to uncover the truth, Phoenix joins forces with the Duluth team and their investigation leads them down a bloody path to a clever foe.


But this new danger isn’t Phoenix’s only concern. After receiving a summons to Underground, she’s forced to confront the source of her nightmares as she discovers Dasc isn’t done with her yet. With dire consequences looming from her choices and the lives of the werewolves in her hands, Phoenix must decide just how far she’s willing to go in order to save them all.


Add it to your to-read-list on Goodreads! The cover reveal will be up next. Stay tuned for other special reveals and giveaways!







I’m so excited to finally share this information with you! I’ve been hard at work for quite some time and, as you may have noticed, have been posting various updates regarding a young adult series I’ve been working on. I am now happy to announce that the first volume in the series, The Curse of Moose Lake,  is set to publish October 18, 2016!

The Curse of Moose Lake


Phoenix and her brother Hawk are professional monster hunters—well, nearly. Still in training with the International Monster Slayers, a secret government agency that both defends and hunts mythical creatures, they are sent on their first real mission to prove their worth. When things go awry and the IMS is nearly exposed, their future as agents looks grim.


Given one last chance for redemption, the duo are sent to Moose Lake, Minnesota where there’s a docile population of werewolves to keep in check. Their assignment is supposed to be dull, but Moose Lake ends up being anything but boring.


When a mysterious black wolf appears and the werewolves under their charge start to become aggressive, they must uncover the city’s dark secret if they are to save not only the citizens but themselves.



(This is literally me trying to be all professional while announcing this.)

This is the first novel in a planned series. You can find the official announcement here! And then you can add it on Goodreads here!

There will be numerous announcements and reveals over the next several weeks before launch day. I’ll be keeping you up to date here on the blog and on Twitter. Stay tuned! Things are about to get awesome!