Camp NaNoWriMo

Current theme song: “Wolf” by First Aid Kit

Current stage in process: Writing Book #3; waiting on beta reader comments for Book #2

Camp NaNoWriMo has begun and I’m in the thick of it.  Because of that, this post is going to end up relatively short.

I’m currently working on book #3 of my YA urban fantasy series and have been pushing myself to reach a daily word count goal higher than I’ve ever set for myself. I’ve been making good headway but I’ve reached the point where my mind hits the brakes. I’m incorporating new ideas and plot threads I hadn’t considered when I outlined but become apparent when I’m writing the actual book so it slows me down until I can figure it out.

I realize I keep mentioning this YA urban fantasy series but haven’t said much on what it’s about. The idea for the series came to me when I decided I had enough of YA stories that focused solely on romance. Romantic relationships are not the only inspiring and touching relationships out there. Family is extremely important to me and a cornerstone in my life. So I decided I wanted to write a story focusing on a sister and brother where their main goals aren’t looking for their soul mates but protecting each other.

Their relationship is the core of the story in which they work for a secret government agency to both defend and slay a plethora of mythical creatures. It’s Supernatural meets Men in Black. Out of all the novels I’ve written to date, I’ve had the most fun with this series.

BONUS PICTURE (rough concept art of the main characters):


Well, that’s it for me. Time to drink an excessive amount of caffeine and keep on writing. To everyone else participating, keep going! You’re doing great! Who cares if you haven’t taken a shower in a while or have eaten nothing but Sour Patch Kids? Look at all the words you’ve written!